Gitta De Ridder Will Make You Smile With Her New Album ‘To Our Children’

Gitta De Ridder

Gitta De Ridder returns for her third album To Our Children and with it come high expectations due to the captivating songwriting style and beautiful vocals from her previous releases. It was a challenge to put it together, as she was travelling across various countries. However, she was able to accomplish her goal. As always, her lyrics promise to be personal and honest, which is part of the charm of her music. She describes these as “telling a story of us humans searching for a deeper connection with ourselves and each other”. 

To Our Children opens up with “Like a Kite Released” which sets the mood with a gentle instrumental moment. Soon Ridder comes in with her beautiful and soothing vocals, a combination which holds the listener’s attention. It glides along so effortlessly throughout the song to create a great start to the album. “Man of the Light” sees a change in tempo. With it, her voice stretches its wings to show off a broader range to this talent. It also features the use of a trumpet and bongos to give this song a different feel to the opening track.

“Soul Brothering, Soul Sistering” instantly draws in the listener with its stomp/clap combo with supporting vocals. It doesn’t take long for Ridder’s captivating storytelling quality to come into to play. As it does, it offers a punchy tone with a subtle backing guitar as its soundtrack. A combination which comes together to create a must-hear moment from the album. 

The introduction on “The Clearing” offers a Spanish influence along with a flamenco style guitar. But, this is just the beginning of the musical treat this song has to offer. There is something about the captivating backing vocals and clapping which support the six-string. It creates an alluring atmosphere which says as much as its lyrics. 

‘To Our Children’ is yet another captivating collection of songs by Gitta De Ridder

The place slows back with the arrival of “To Wonder”. With it, it offers more of those delightful vocals from Ridder. However, its soundtrack switches again with more of a country feel. Like most of the album has already highlighted, the mood changes for “Traces of Gold”. It offers an upbeat vibe with a musical atmosphere which oozes positivity, especially with its backing vocals. Some might say it has a summery feel to it. 

From the outset of “Hypothetical You or I”, the use of strings the listener knows they are in for something memorable. It is just the beginning of yet another impressive musical arrangement from the album. The various layers of strings and guitar along with a pitter-patter style rhythm are mesmerising. If that was not enough, the emotional and powerful tone from the songstress elevates the quality of this song further. Not only is this a shining star from To Our Children but also highlights the talent that is Gitta De Ridder. Bringing things to a close comes “Sing a Song, Sing Along” with another upbeat mood to leave the listener with a smile.

To Our Children is an album with so much to offer. It oozes a warm glow which radiates positivity along with an ever-changing musical landscape. Her storytelling and lyrical qualities continue to stand out as always. However, it is her voice which continues to make this and all of her previous work shine so brightly. Just give this release a listen and let the music by Gitta De Ridder brighten up your day.

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