Larry Schmid Shows The Joy Of Music in ‘Words’

Larry Schmid

For an artist that has been involved in the music scene for a long time, there is rarely an official retirement. There may be times away from creating music, but usually before too long the sound comes calling and the artist is drawn back to share more of their art with the world. Larry Schmid took his break but found new passion with his Words project.

Back in 2004, the jam band Great Ceasar’s Ghost was formed in Bridgehampton, NY. A long and busy musical career ensued over the next 14 years and 9 albums. The passing of long time collaborator, Allman Brothers Band founding member Butch Trucks, brought the band to an end as much of the energy was drained by that depression. 

After some well deserved time away, Larry Schmid got back to making music leaning towards a more country and folk-oriented sound. The love of the Neil Young sound was an inspiration and a couple random covers came together. Some other fun jam sessions came together with GE Smith and original Great Caesar’s Ghost members; Ed DiCapua on percussion and Keith Hill on Keyboards. Some more Neil Young tracks were recorded. 

Then Covid-19 hit and the world, as well as the musical get-togethers, came to a screeching halt. With lots of time and little to do, Larry Schmid dove into those recording sessions and started mixing and laying down overdubs. Over the next couple months the full project known as “Words” would come together.

The 10 track record is a tribute in appreciation to the music of Neil Young. A collection of songs written by ‘Uncle Neil’ (and one by Stephen Stills). The opener “Questions” starts it off with a peppy version of the track that still has that Young flavor with the vocal delivery, distorted guitar, and some harmonica to tie it all together. 

The title track “Words” slows it down to add the soul and emotion that the music has always been known for. The expert instrumentation fills the speakers with a quite mesmerizing sound as the almost 7 minute version of the song draws in the listener. One of the first songs to come out of the jam sessions, “Powderfinger” is a raw track full of great players doing what they do best. Taking turns adding to the warm tapestry of the song. 

Larry Schmid and the boys put their spin on “Down By The River”. They allow the beauty to come through with a little extra jam flair to make it personal to the band. This is their song now. “Cowgirl In The Sand” is another one that the group expands upon with jam excellence to stretch out for a spin.

The Words album is quite the tribute to the music of Neil Young but also an excellent show of how musicians can get together to just enjoy themselves playing their instruments in a room full of other music loving musicians. 

Dive deeper into the album HERE.

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