The Joe Marcinek Band Impresses With ‘5’

Joe Marcinek Band

As a talented musician, there are not many things better than an open jam session with other talented players. Different personalities blend together their styles to create unique music. Often never to be reproduced. Our discovery of the Joe Marcinek Band furthers my belief in this random jam musical magic.

The Chicago based project is the epitome of a jam session. Each show by the Joe Marcinek Band features a different lineup of musicians creating a different set of music every night. This extends to the band’s five full length albums as well. This diversity has created an original sound that shares elements of Chicago Blues, New Orleans Funk, Grateful Dead Psychedelia, and Jazz Fusion. 

For the fifth album by the Joe Marcinek Band, simply titled 5, fate stepped in and provided an opportunity to record at Tiny Room Studios in Los Angeles. In addition to Joe Marcinek on Guitar, Robert Walter on Hammond Organ, and Pete Koopmans on Drums, a great group of guests was brought in. This includes Greg Spero – Piano, Jason Hann – Percussion, Alex Wasily – Trombone, Sean Erick – Trumpet, and Jordan Donald – Sax. 

Take the ‘Dog’ For A Walk With The Joe Marcinek Band

The 8 track album opens with “Dog” and its epic groove. It looks like we are in for quite a ride. The elegant instrumental lets each player show off their own talents that will make up the record. JMB gets a little bouncy and jamband-like with “Reciprocity.” The Hammond Organ playing jumps out to me here. Such an epic instrument that isn’t featured much anymore. Again multiple instruments take their turn as the lead for a show of skill.

Some Jazz focus takes the stage with “Lagniappe” as horns take a turn leading us in. The party speeds up with a full assortment of energy coming from all over the room. Toes will tap and heads will bop along throughout the 4-minute track.

5 closes with “Bella” and its bubbly Jazz feel. This is not laid back restful Jazz. It is enthusiasm in sound. The percussion is at its highest level here filling the speakers with an exotic journey to follow. A complete listen through and through.

There is a lot to take in on the Joe Marcinek Band WEBSITE. More music and shows galore. Dive in.

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