Jessi Robertson shares a powerful song with ‘Taking Out Monsters’

Jessi Robertson

Personally, I always look forward to hearing Jessi Robertson return with new music. Since her debut album (Who We Are, What We Have Done), she has continued to impress with her captivating storytelling style in her songs. Letting her way with words and mesmerising voice work their magic. A trait that has continued in her other albums Small Town Girls and the flawless release I Came from the War. There are many examples of these talents at work, including “Papers and Magazines”, “Half-Moon”, “Lipstick”, and “Winter Coat”. Now, she is looking to follow this year’s single, “Pockets and Panty Lines”, with “Taking Out Monsters”. 

It’s a track that has taken longer than planned to be released. It was initially recorded in 2019 at WireBird Records with the help of producer Brett Ryan Stewart. He used his talents to bring in Chris Benelli (drums), Chris Donohue (bass), Chris Tench (electric guitar), and Derek Medeiros (piano, background vocals) to add more depth to her soundtrack. Not only that, but assembled a choir of female singers/songwriters to help to bring the song to a close. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened, and it got delayed. However, she kept herself busy by releasing various singles and an album Delayed Pursuit

With the world returning to some normality, Robertson is ready to release her single “Taking Out Monsters”. She says, “I released a single called Hydra several years ago for my album “I Came from the War”. But ultimately couldn’t include it. Both songs explore themes of power dynamics and how those with more power often try to frame those with less as “other”. While Hydra focuses on the individual, Taking Out Monsters focuses on the collective. In 2019, I read a story about someone I had once respected and admired abusing his power to take advantage of young women. At that time, several stories were coming out about these systematic abuses of power. I learned that people I had long held up as idols and heroes were hiding monstrous aspects beneath their public personas”.

Jessi Robertson uses her captivating vocals and storytelling qualities to deliver the impressive single ‘Taking Out Monster’

“Taking Out Monsters” opens up with Robertson’s gentle sound on her electric guitar. It creates an atmospheric mood to set the stage for her story to begin. She does so with the lines, “You can have all my heroes / I know what I’m doing / I’ll bring the arrows / Time to put a stop to this wreckage and ruin”. Her delivery is mesmerising, as always. You can’t help but take in each word that she shares.

It does not take long for the chorus to appear. When it does, Robertson moulds her words perfectly to get her message across. She sets it up with the lines, “When their time’s up, they will claim / They were just slaying Medusas and who can blame / A hero for taking out monsters?”. Then it doesn’t hold back as she shares, “My heroes were acting like monsters / Turns out my heroes are monsters / You can have them all”. It is moments like this when it shines a spotlight on the sublime storytelling qualities. 

If that is not enough, it explodes into action as it prepares to come to a close. First of all, the precision is thunderous but with purpose. It helps to give the repeated line “When their time’s up” so much power. But, it still has more to offer with the addition of the layered back vocals. The various voices match the passion of the words to enhance the track further. It all comes together to create an outro that makes you feel the message behind the song. As it arrives at its end, you realise that the wait for this release was worth it. “Taking Out Monsters” is another outstanding addition to Jessi Robertson’s impressive music catalogue.

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