David Higgins Treats Listeners Like “Kings & Queens”

David Higgins

David Higgins’s latest track “Kings & Queens” is an uplifting folk-pop song about life and love. It’s a track all about finding yourself and connecting with the people you love. Chock full of encouraging metaphors and an uncompromising sense of hope, it’ll remind listeners of summer nights from their past.

Beginning with soft piano and building into a steady beat, the song unfolds with genre-meshing instrumental that feels built for radio and live performance. It creates an atmosphere where listeners can resonate with Higgins on a deeper level. The lyrics for “Kings & Queens” are honest and poetic. The song circles around the lines, “So let us dance, let us drink, and let us live like kings and queens.” It’s a carefree sentiment that balances out the track’s difficult message of finding your place in life.

‘Kings & Queens’ by David Higgins

Higgins himself struggled to discover where life was taking him. He moved to South Carolina to study biology, and eventually hoped to enter medical school. While in college, he began playing covers at local bars. Eventually, he realized music was his calling. As he grew as an artist on tour, he found a passion for fostering connection between himself and his audience through music. During 2020, Higgins began releasing original tracks like “Kings & Queens.”

With live performances out of the cards during the COVID-19 pandemic, Higgins has also started playing social media performances where he fundraises for healthcare professionals.  

This year, Higgins has also released his debut single “Say It Out Loud.” It’s a pop track about needing to speak up in a romantic relationship. Like “Kings & Queens,” it honestly touches on tough experiences in a way that’s easy for listeners to connect with. With these tracks expressing such honesty while still being fun to listen to, Higgins is sure to have more must-listen tracks to come.  

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