Find “Love in L.A.” With Alex Price

Being multi-faceted in the music industry can be helpful in more ways than one. Ontario’s Alex Price is the prime example of just that. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer are just the beginning of Alex’s accolades in music. His versatility and talents allow for him to quickly make his vision a reality in totality, something not many artists can say. So when a trip to L.A. sparked inspiration within Alex, “Love in L.A.” was born.

This indie-pop/R&B artist has been diligently hustling to bring addicting, fun music to fans everywhere. His vast array of life experience and his travels for performances both within Canada and internationally have all helped to craft his art. Alex’s single, “Love in L.A.” was bred purely through first-hand experience with a beautiful city and a beautiful woman.

“‘Love in L.A.’ commemorates my first trip to Los Angeles. I had been playing a guitar riff for a few weeks that was haunting me. I really felt like it could be something dope. It was such a good vibe and exuded the palm trees, beautiful women and warm weather essence of the city.  Then I met a girl and it all just clicked! It’s like the song just practically wrote itself!” reveals Alex.

“Love in LA” has garnished a lot of attention and upon first listen to the single I understand why. It’s the type of track you want to play on a late summer night when you’re thinking about getting into a little trouble. Every second of this track drips with sex appeal. It feels youthful and charged with energy. Alex’s vocals are smooth and seductive, setting the tone for the track perfectly. Relaxed beats compliment his vocals, completing the mood and sealing the deal.

Alex Price has found an uncanny way to take us into his story with “Love in L.A.” His story telling ability has translated into a song made for radio play. With talents like these, it’s clear that there’s nothing short of stardom in line for Alex Price. Stay tuned into his journey!

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