As you probably know by now Indie Band Guru thrives on finding different music that you have never heard before.  We scour the internet and handle all sorts of incoming submissions on a daily basis.  Some great, some average and some just plain horrible.  I can handle all sorts of music but the key is: DO NOT BORE ME!  I can’t really tell if today’s submission was good or bad but it was definitely strange.   I think that is what makes me kinda like it.  Prepare yourself for Gormanic.

A French dance producer and DJ from France, Gormanic has been at the game for over 15 years.  His unique rhythms that combine modern electro with hooks from yesteryear are hypnotic yet terrifying.  There really is no way to describe it but to make you watch the video for yourself.

Here it is:

The song ‘Etanka’ became a chart hit worldwide reaching #54 in Finland, #62 in Israel and #112 in New Zealand.  This really does showcase that musical taste are so very different in other parts of the world.

For more info on Gormanic go to:

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