“Take off your shirt!”  That is what the girls were screaming in between songs as The Ugly Club were rocking out at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ this past Friday night.  The band is not just looks though, they have a sound that is capturing and singer Ryan Egan has a great stage performance that really makes you connect to the songs.

Their performance was full of different hints of The Kooks and My Morning Jacket.  It was a very fun show. The fans were really enjoying The Ugly Club’s music and singing along to the songs.  This is definitely a sign that they have been building a strong following.  As the show went on and we were all dancing and getting lost in the music, I saw the Ryan look at his other band mates and smile.  They were definitely enjoying the crowd and the moment they had of being onstage together.

Their performance of “Under the Great Wave” was filled with emotion and you can see how Ryan lives through his lyrics as he delivers them powerfully to the crowd.  What is great about this band is that they are truly a mix of many different things.  I found myself floating with the psychedelic sounds in some of their songs and then dancing all over on songs like “Loosen Up.”

Bottom Line: The Ugly Club is one big party.  They know how to rock on stage and even more importantly, let’s get one thing straight about The Ugly Club, they are anything but ugly.

-live review by Ana Cordova

-©photos by Brian Osbahr

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