GoToHear How To Be A Part Of The New Music Industry


As the music industry continues to change there are some great advancements as well as drastic pitfalls. The major labels and mainstream radio are still trying desperately to hold on to the power that they held over the music industry for years. It has been steadily slipping away from them. The independents are rising fast with the amazing power and reach that new technologies and platforms have given them. The next step seems to be here now with the launch of GoToHear.


This new platform aims to be a catch-all to help independent artists build up a real career with income that can support their art. GoToHear will have facilities for music promotion, merchandise sales, business services, product promotion and sales, gig information, gig ticket sales, a forum, music downloading and streaming. There is a wide range of avenues that welcomes all people that love and create music. From the listener and fan that wants to discover new music, to the artist looking for ways to reach new fans, to the music business professional that looks to earn a living within this new music industry.


GoToHear Is The Future Of Music Community Building


This community aspect is what music has been moving to for a while now, at least in the independent scene. No longer do we all have to compete against each other for the mainstream attention. Working together we can all reach new heights, each finding our own little niche within the music business. A rising tide lifts all ships, and the flood is coming. Get involved while the water is calm.



GoToHear is also staying at the forefront of future innovations. There is a cryptocurrency element within the platform that will create additional income streams for all involved. What has confused many people is now being simplified. The early adopters will benefit greatly as the platform grows.


It seems like there is a spot for all music lovers and creators at GoToHear. Getting involved soon can help put you at the forefront of the new music industry. And earn you the credit and some income along the way.

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