Take A Journey On A “Greyhound Bus” With Jefferson Thomas

Jefferson Thomas

His trademark melodic howl as the first element we come in contact with, Jefferson Thomas doesn’t dillydally about getting right into the guts of the harmonious gold that is “Greyhound Bus,” his latest single and music video. Comprised of strings, keys, percussion and a vocal warmth that is becoming a calling card of sorts for Thomas, “Greyhound Bus” comes to life inside of a fourteen-second intro that sets the tone for everything that follows. Even before the beat kicks in, we’re compelled to swing, synchronizing our hearts with that of the rustic singer/songwriter leading the way at the top of the mix.

The acoustic guitar parts mesh with the melodic thrust of the piano keys almost too sensuously to be believed as we get into the first chorus. Later on in the track, an electric guitar penetrates the ongoing acoustic harmony with a colorful lead that instantly conveys as much depth and poetic value as any of the words Jefferson Thomas has just sang to us. The instruments are doing as much of the talking as he is here, and because of the crisp production quality, we’re never robbed of a single sonic intricacy – no matter how minute or seemingly insignificant.

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“Greyhound Bus” disappears into silence as quickly as it takes over all of the airspace around us, with the aforementioned guitar solo leaving us with one parting statement. I was only somewhat familiar with the music of Mr. Jefferson Thomas before I was referred to his new single and video at the behest of an industry colleague, but after this, I think I’m going to be keeping tabs on his career a lot more often than I was. He’s got something that isn’t very easy to come by among the major label singer/songwriters making headlines today, and more than this, he’s got a personality that’s hard not to love.

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