Afton Wolfe Comes Back With ‘Slingshots’

Afton Wolfe

We always hear stories of great music being written and even recorded that never makes it to see the light of day. Many issues outside of the music can get in the way. But that doesn’t mean the music dies. It has taken quite a while but Afton Wolfe has returned to release music that has been on the back burner for far too long.

Growing up in Mississippi gave Afton Wolfe a headstart in music. It was all around him as he grew up. Country, Blues, and early Rock ‘n Roll all have roots in Mississippi and Afton Wolfe soaked them all up. From an early age, he knew that music would be an integral part of his life.

A string of local bands in the late 1990s and even more experience with the band The Relief Effort after he moved to Nashville in the mid-2000s gave Afton Wolfe the confidence he needed that music is where he was supposed to be.

In 2008, Afton Wolfe took it to the next level by composing and singing all the songs on a new set of songs that would become the album Petronius’ Last Meal. As he says eloquently “Alcohol, academia, the quest for a better mix, and a perfect album cover, kept this project on hold for over a decade.” But fortunately, it has risen from the ashes now with a scheduled release of the album on July 7th, 2020.

Innovative Animation Video for Slingshots by Afton Wolfe

The lead single “Slingshots” is out now to prove that this is really happening. This is a song with many themes and almost acts as more of a chaptered story than a song. The horns and interesting background vocals set a different tone right from the start. When the gravelly vocals of Afton Wolfe come in the listener is called to stand up and focus. There is a story here that demands attention. There is a lot going on here and the almost chaotic instrumentation makes sure you are aware of that. 

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