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Grow With Us

The changes in the music industry over the past decade have turned the business on its head. The major labels have lost thier death grip and every independent artist now has the ability to build thier own career on thier own terms. This has also led to a rise in independent businesses aimed at helping these artists succeed. One that stands out from the crowd for a multitude of reasons is The Husk and thier Grow With Us platform.

The Canadian based company began as The Drunken Coconut, a music marketing company. They offered all types of services for artists including PR campaigns, Press Kits, Social Media Management, and Distribution. Things changed when they developed The Husk, the highest monetized platform in the music industry. Artists could now earn a substantial income with their music.

More recently the team has developed the Grow With Us platform. This revolutionary new platform has been described as Adwords for musicians, allowing artists to manage their own growth in their own way. It is the first and only direct advertising tool for Spotify, SoundCloud, and Youtube that guarantees results. The most beautiful part is that it is simple to use yet it produces fantastic results.

The artist is in full control with Grow With Us.

  • Decide what you pay (no minimum)

  • Detailed statistics in real time

  • Daily campaign budgeting

  • Grow your Spotify, SoundCloud, & Youtube

  • Create campaigns for songs or full playlists

  • Target your specific audience
  • Guaranteed results

There is a built-in audience at The Husk of people looking to discover new music. Currently they are bringing in over 50K unique listeners per month. When you set up a campaign with Grow With Us it will be showcased to the specific audience that likes the genre of your music. You set the bid amount to determine how often your music is made available.

Your account balance will only be deducted when the listener takes the action that you set. That could be following you, commenting, sharing, or even giving you their email. It is all up to you how you want to connect with your listeners.

The bottom line is that every penny you spend will give you your desired result. It is truly a win-win in the music advertising space. This will give your music the visibility it needs to help you create a sustainable career doing what you love.Dive more into the whole Grow With Us platform HERE.

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