IBG Interview – 7 Questions With Guest Actors

Guest Actors

Great music can be found on every corner of the world. We recently discovered Guest Actors from Tel Aviv, Israel that are creating a sound that is ready for mainstream radio worldwide. Their debut EP Under Those Silent Skies is due out on October 10th. We caught up with the band to get behind the scenes and see what is coming next. Enjoy the interview here:

So where did the name ‘Guest Actors’ come from?

The name ‘Guest Actors’ came mainly from the simple sense that fifty, seventy, or hundred years are actually a short visit, and that the show is much bigger than us, but in this short visit, each gets to play his unique part.

How did the four of you come together to form the band?

Having met as students at Rimon music school, we started rehearsing in January 2015 with a different guitarist and recorded a self-published EP in November 2015. In summer 2016 Matan joined the group as the band’s new lead guitarist, and together we began working on the upcoming Under Those Silent Skies debut LP. 

How would you describe your sound in words?

We’re inspired by various influences, from Beethoven to Gershwin to Leonard Cohen to many more. When we work on a song in the studio, It’s important to us to like the live version of it before we put in additional production ideas. We try to keep the right balance between communicative and experimental when we write.   


Which bands influenced you to craft this interesting and progressive music?

Thanks a lot. Our main influences are Arcade Fire and Coldplay.

Has the local music community in Tel Aviv, Israel accepted your music? Has the local scene helped or hindered the development of Guest Actors?  

Tel Aviv is probably the most hospitable city for indie bands in Israel, and we found clubs and venues for setting performances right from the start. Since we’ve been a lot in the studio in the last few months, and since the first single from the upcoming debut LP has been released only five weeks ago, It’s too soon to know how the local scene would accept our music yet, and we’re curious to find out.

What advice would you give to other bands on the rise?

We think that being authentic is the most important thing, and if you believe in what you do then you must keep working all the time to reach your audience, to be productive, and to keep getting better.

What is on the horizon for Guest Actors?

We wish to keep recording and performing as much as we can and keep getting better all the time. We’re already working on a second LP, and we hope to start recording it during 2018.

Keep up with more music and news about Guest Actors and their musical exploits on their WEBSITE.