Ruby Fray Blew Us Away With Her New Track “Honor”

Ruby Fray

Ruby Fray released her newest track, Honor, and we feel honored to have heard it.

Honor is dark, it’s rock, and it’s organic. The track begins with a really cool, catchy rock intro to set the mood. Ruby Fray has created an alternative indie tune with beautiful harmonies, soaring soprano vocals, and a constant guitar and percussion beat. The track has heavy reverb which adds to the dark yet organic aura.

The description for Honor on Soundcloud reads: “Pop beats, heavy on the harmonies with a surprise ending!” We guess you’ll just have to listen for yourself to uncover the surprise.

Ruby Fray is actually a moniker for the talented singer-songwriter Emily Beanblossom.

Emily Beanblossom took on the name Ruby Fray after she began releasing solo work. She previously was part of other collaborations in her hometown of Olympia, Washington. Beanblossom was part of bands such as Georgy, Legs the Crab, Karczol, and more. She gained most of her popularity when she was the frontwoman for the rock band Christmas.

After touring with Christmas for a while, Beanblossom decided it was time to work on her own individual sound. She retreated back to her family farm in Olympia where she worked on her individual sound, while also working in her soapmaking business. There, she tuned into her darker and original sounds more than ever before. This was when Emily Beanblossom truly recognized and created Ruby Fray.

In addition to living in Olympia, Beanblossom has lived in multiple U.S. cities. She moved to Austin, Texas in 2012 and Chicago, Illinois in 2017. All three locations have helped Beanblossom blossom into the artist that Ruby Fray entails. In Austin, Beanblossom performed more frequently than before. She released Ruby Fray’s debut LP, Pith. While still living in Austin, she also recorded her second LP in 2014. Grackle was inspired by the wildlife of her home in Texas.

Beanblossom, or should I say Ruby Fray, is taking the world by storm this summer. While living in Chicago, she will continue working on the album inspired by her time in Austin while also going on a 2017 Western Tour.

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