A l l i e Represents Divine Femininity In Her Debut Album “Nightshade”

a l l i e

A l l i e has released her beautiful R&B album, Nightshade”. Nightshade is composed of soul songs with cool yet soothing electronic vibes. A l l i e represents feelings of desire, love, bliss, and more throughout the album. She is also multitalented, showing her listeners she can rap as well as sing. A lot of the songs on Nightshade could definitely be one of the less-mainstream tracks on a Rihanna or Beyonce album.

Nightshade brings together a diverse group of songs due to the multiple beat-smith’s who helped create the album into the masterpiece that it is. 2nd Son, The Kount, Harrison, River Tiber, Birthday Boy, Sunclef, Danny Voicu, and MiddleEast all took part in making sure Nightshade was unique, representing A l l i e and co. in an original way. As said in a press release, the beat-smith’s on the album have brought together “diverse sounds that complimented A l l i e’s soothing voice and lyricism inspired by feminine divinity.”

A l l i e says: Treat women right; they deserve it.

The Toronto-based singer-songwriter captivates her audience straight from the very first song on the 10-track album with just that message: treat women right; they deserve it. In “Let Her”, A l l i e seduces her listeners to “give her your love; know she deserves it; she is enough; know that she’s worth it.” She sings with a chant-like bluesy feel that makes it seem like she wants all of us to get it into our head that women are enough just the way they are, and that they deserve the best.


That strong message starts of the album in a wonderful and strong way. Each proceeding tune has its own piece of individuality, representing A l l i e and her views of life in different ways. “Bad Habits” has really interesting electronic beats that kind of resemble a video game. It has an addictive sound that leaves us playing the track over and over and over again.

A l l i e’s sensual vocals have awe-ed more than just us at indiebandguru.

In 2015, a l l i e was one of the first Canadian’s to be selected as part of the Red Bull Sound Select program. This is a program Red Bull created for unique artists to release songs through Red Bull and perform at the company’s sponsored events. A l l i e even has an arts grant by the Canadian government. This helps her to be able to explore her creative range without limitation.

In the past five years A l l i e has grown drastically. In 2013, she released an EP Strange Creatures. Two years later she collaborated with some prominent producers to create a second EP, Moondust. Two busy years after that, she released her first ever full-length album, Nightshade. 

A l l i e is inspired by the vintage sounds of classical soul artists Otis Reddings and Etta James. She also learns from experimental modern artists Flying Lotus and Little Dragon.

A l l i e is inspired by them, but we are inspired by A l l i e.

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