CollegeKidz42 Wants To Share With The Class


Last month we had the chance to introduce a few tracks by CollegeKidz42 as they molded together their unique brand of lo-fi minimalist pop-punk. Now the boys are back and ready to release their debut full-length album Share With The Class on August 23rd. Prepare yourself for something different.

The musical project is the result of the collaboration of Christian Joseph Allbee on vocals, bass, and synths and Jon Hare on guitar and drums. There are no rules to their sound. Just do what feels right and let the music speak for itself.

This Tuesday the album Share With The Class by CollegeKidz42 will be available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify and other digital music outlets. You can pre-order it now. Originally the record was scheduled to have ten tracks but due to some copyright issues, the band had to cut a medley of classics by dance-pop band Family Force 5. Even with the reduction to 9 songs the record stands well on its own.

Right from the opening song, a cover of Reliant K’s pop punk classic “College Kids”, the fun pace of CollegeKidz42 shines through.



The original song “You, Not I” lets the duo go at their own pace with a lo-fi and melodic tone. There are some odd sounds scattered within that add to the warm basement recording feel. A more punk rock vibe is heard on the instrumental “God Forsaken”. The raw rock energy creeps into your veins quickly. Even the minimal feel of “Those Nights” keeps the blood flowing with its distorted guitars clashing with the melodic vocals. Jon Hare takes on lead vocal duties for this one. 

CollegeKidz42 Are Not Bound By Any Sound

CollegeKidz42 show some more diversity on “Not Alone”. Reggae guitar upstrokes blend with a bouncy drum and bass line. The monotone vocal style ties it all together to bring us something truly original.

The closer “Surrender All” brings back the energy with crashing drums and fast paced guitars. The vocals here reach some high ranges. They may even go out of tune but that show the relatability to any listener looking to just get out there and make some music.

Be yourself and make music!

Keep a look out for the album and hear some more CollegeKidz42 on their BANDCAMP.