The Lad Classic have returned to make your hips shake

The Lad Classic

2014 saw The Lad Classic explode onto the scene with their debut release ‘Thunder’. This showcased a rock band with infectious hooks and a sound that meant business. The journey since then became a challenge after signing a management deal that promised to take them to the next level, unfortunately, this was not to be the case as they were not able to act on their own behalf. This resulted in decisions made and money spent without their knowledge. Fortunately, they decided to bring in lawyers and had the contract severed.

This experience did not stop Paul Stevens (vocals), Ben Healey (guitars, vocals), Josiah Whitney (drums) and Tyson Hiseler (bass) doing what they love. In fact, it has made them stronger as a band and gave them a new drive. Rising from the ashes the guys are back with their new album ‘Rectifier’.

It’s opening track ‘Hip Shaker’ does exactly what the title says with an infectious rock vibe and this sets the tone for the album. The Lad Classic deliver much than a rock fuelled engine as it also runs on some soul and funk. The way that the band blend together to bring some funky bass lines and riffs with catchy beats makes it difficult to keep your feet still. They definitely have their own sound which makes them stand out.

‘Rectifier shows that The Lad Classic love what they do and more importantly, know how to rock!’

It is difficult not to listen to this collection of songs and not be impressed with the vocal presence of Paul Stevens. He blends 80’s rock with a soulful undertone. He uses this talent to share infectious hooks which will have you singing along before you know it. Like their previous release, the band offer a few acoustic versions of tracks that appear on the album and these again show off Paul’s voice which flows so effortlessly with a blend of emotion and power.

Overall ‘Rectifier’ is a must hear album that is filled with so many gems that include ‘Who’ and ‘Summer Song’. To really appreciate the talents of The Lad Classic then ‘Halfway to Memphis’ and ‘Kitchen Sink’ will say what this band is all about. Two sublime tracks that showcase this blend of soul, funk and rock with killer vocals.

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