5 Compelling Reasons Guitarists Should Learn Piano

“The best you can do is focus on one thing alone and master it.”

“You can’t be good at both piano and guitar cause each takes you years to learn.”

Well, it seems that guitarists must focus solely on the guitar alone, doesn’t it?

I don’t think so, here are the top 5 reasons why you should know how to play both guitar and piano:


1. It Breeds Confidence Instead Of Fear Of The Unknown

As human beings, we fear what we don’t know. Otherwise, If we can grasp the unknown, the fear transforms into confidence.


When we just play the guitar alone, all other instruments seem mysterious, especially the piano. It’s grand, elegant, and seems out of our reach. So, our world is just limited to the guitar alone.


However, it’s just the imagination in our mind. In reality, learn to play piano for a guitarist is easier than you think.


By learning piano, your musical world will be expanded. It eliminates the fear of the unknown and builds up your confidence.


2. It Cures Boredom With The Most Beautiful And Richest Sound

According to 10,000-hour rule, one will be master at something after 10,000 hours practicing it.


So, if you’ve passed the 10,000-hour rule in your guitar journey, you will probably get bored because there are few things can stir up your emotion.


It’s the time you must learn something new, and learning piano seems the best option.


One of the best way piano can cure boredom is that the pianists usually play 5-6 notes simultaneously (In fact you can play 10 notes with 10 fingers at the same time). So, the sounds from the piano are fuller and richer than the guitar.


3. It Makes Music Theory Become Easier

Music theory in piano is really straight-forward and to the point with the piano keyboard.


For instance, below are two diagrams show the music notes in sheet music and their positions on a guitar fretboard and a piano keyboard.




You can see that to play a note on a guitar, we have many options. But in piano, there is only one key.


To learn more about how to read piano keys and notes, check this awesome guide [Link: https://sublimelody.com/piano-keys-and-notes/].


4. It Helps You Learn Other Instrument Faster

Learning piano gives you a better understanding of chords, music theory, precise dynamics (the quality of loud or quite of a note). A guitar helps you understand the importance of the song’s rhythm.


So, when you want to learn another instrument, it will be much faster because you have a solid musical foundation.


5. It Makes You Cool… Freakin’ Cool

Last but not least, it makes you super cool. Since you know how to play both piano and guitar, people often imagine that you know how to play other instruments as well.


Even if you tell them you just know these 2 instruments, they still believe that if you put a little more effort, you can easily learn new instruments.


It’s the god-like aura of efficiency.

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