Independent Music must be supported.  One country that truly supports its musical artists is Canada.  In a strange but real law, Canadian radio stations must have at least 30% of their output be the work of Canadian artists.  This is  great thing and these bands get the much needed exposure they need instead of being passed over by US artists with deep pockets.  Granted there are some Canadian artists that we could do without, such as Celine Dion and Bryan Adams, but many great bands have used this bit of Canadian help to reach mainstream success worldwide.  One band we recently came across that will hopefully get the recognition that they deserve is Handsome Distraction.

Handsome Distraction

The four-piece rock band from Victoria (BC), has taken a steady approach toward breaking into the rock music scene since the formation of the band in 2009.  Handsome Distraction’s style is an energetic take on alternative rock performed by guys that know how to handle their instruments.  Devin Perfect sings with a powerful voice that is strong and sweet at the same time. Joey Mono handles lead guitar with memorable licks.  Chris Weaver and Kyle White hold down the rhythm section with beats to get your heart pounding.  The foursome claims Weezer, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, and the Pixies as major influences.  So far this has been a good year for Handsome Distraction as they performed at Canadian Music Week in March and the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival in April.

This May was Handsome Distraction’s greatest success as they released their EP A Mighty Roar.  The 5 song record shows the different directions this band can go in.  The opener ‘No False Alarm’ is a robust call to wake up and pay attention to what you are about to experience.  The lead guitar and drum lines move the track forward with an amazing pace.  On ‘The Why’ the band slows it down some and lets the listener focus on the thoughtful lyrics and talented musicianship.  Handsome Distraction show off a slightly progressive rock vibe on ‘Snakes And Ladders’.  The breakdowns will remain in your head long after the EP has reached its conclusion.

Go get an advanced taste of Handsome Distraction for yourself at:

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