We love music here.  We love writing it and playing it.  We love promoting it and selling it.  There are just so many parts to this huge music industry.  When you try to handle them all usually something suffers.  It’s the old “Good at everything but master of none” syndrome.  Any good musician must learn that it is OK to get help in an area that you do not have the necessary skills.  Indie Band Guru will always be about DIY, but part of that means letting go when someone else can help you advance your career in a way that you simply can’t.  There is help out there.

Music Production Tips

We recently came accross the Beat Making Experts website (http://beatmakingexperts.com/).  It is a collection of great posts on how to make beats like a true producer.  They share tons of tips and review a lot of beat making software that can help you achieve your goals as both a writer and producer.  It is aimed more at the hip hop scene but these strategies can be used by ay artist trying to make the best music possible.

If you are ready to read and learn go check it out at: http://beatmakingexperts.com/

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