Far too many bands get together and want to rush their craft and get out there performing and recording music before they are truly ready.  This has led to the demise of many bands as tensions will flare when reality is not following their convoluted dreams.  On the other end of the spectrum is the band Happy Bones who has been building the necessary skills for the last 25 years.

Happy Bones

The Augusta, Georgia based band has been a part of the local scene since the mid-90’s taking in a wide variety of experiences and influences to create a sound that is all their own.  While the Happy Bones sound is distinctive it is hard to label.  There is acoustic folk and hard riffing, deep funk and Southern boogie and nods to hip hop,and hippie rock.  Basically something for everyone looking for a good time and that is all that Happy Bones truly wants to do, have a good time.  

After this long journey, a promised land has been reached and the debut self titled album Happy Bones was released earlier this month.  The 11 track record is a full explosion of what has been building up all this time.  The opener “Cage” grabs you right off the bat with melodic guitar and the emotional vocals of man that has been in the game a very long time.  The energetic blues based “Hell Hounds” is another strong song that chugs along with a powerful rhythm dragging the listener along for the dark ride.  A more psychedelic tone is taken on “The Crazy One” with interesting guitar sounds filling in the soundscape as a story is told for all that will listen.  There is something for everyone that has enjoyed music for the past 40 years.  The closer “This Is Just A Dream” starts with a classic trippy rock feel but soon morphs into an aggressive modern rock track that grabs you by the balls and refuses to let go until Happy Bones is done with you.  Enjoy the ride at: http://www.happybonesband.net/ and https://happybones1996.bandcamp.com/album/happy-bones-3

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  1. a nonymous

    I picked up the CD and was immediately blown away. Ive heard The bones live before but the record truly captured the diversity that the reviewer is speaking about. Congrats on the CD Happy Bones, don’t wait 25 more years for follow up. Dont be like TooL.