Hayley Gia Hughes Is No Longer ‘Invisible’

Hayley Gia Hughes

As a songwriter, you must often dive deep into your personal emotions for inspiration for a song. It seems that the best songs are a result of someone willing to share their deepest and darkest feelings with the world. This requires some true bravery. Our recent discovery Hayley Gia Hughes has this in mind with a string of singles on the horizon.

The singer and songwriter hails from Sydney, Australia. It is quite obvious that music is a big part of her life and she is willing to put it all out there for listeners to enjoy. Hayley Gia Hughes has recently started distributing her music through all the digital platforms with plans for more.

The first single is called “Invisible” was written on a trip to Canada last year. According to Hughes the song is about feeling lost in an often detached society. We can all relate to that nowadays. 

The vocals of Hayley Gia Hughes have a soft touch to them even when she is sharing some darker thoughts in her lyrics. The elegant piano and cello led melody creates a smooth background. The changes keep the attention of the listener especially when Hughes brings up her vocal delivery for the chorus. 

We hear that the next single “Downfall” is on track for release next month. Looking forward to seeing where Hayley Gia Hughes will go next with her music.Keep up with her on Instagram HERE

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