IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Heather Whitney

Heather Whitney

We had the chance to sit down with the beautiful rising star of the Texas Country music scene. Get behind the scenes of her childhood and why she loves music so much:


Tell us about growing up in small-town Southeast Texas?

Growing up in south east Texas was super fun. We were always partying or riding four wheelers, golf carts, horses or something on my grandpas land. I had a pretty good childhood and grew up with all my cousins and aunts living on one big ole hill. My Gramps was always an entertainer as well so he always invite the little bitty town of Newton out to “Vickery hill” for fireworks, BBQ or some crown and coke and beer. I went to Newton high school, played varsity sports since freshman year was in competitive gymnastics and cheerleading. I always had something going on. For the most part growing up in a small town was pretty bad ass.


What drew you to your passion for music?

I always loved music, enjoyed writing songs, dancing and singing along to whoever was on the radio. So I guess you could say I always had a passion for it. I didn’t realize that I’d want to perform until I sang with Johnny Lee at my grandpa’s golf tournament he put on every year. Idk something about the whole deal just amazed me. The people, the band, setting up even seemed so cool too and now that I’ve got a real taste for it myself I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. There is something about it that just suckers me in.


How would you describe your country sound?

My sound is a little older with a smidge of newer country. I didn’t wanna go full out pop rock country. I was raised on the classics and traditional country so a song without a steel guitar just didn’t seem right to me. I love all the different types of Country but for me, I wanted to stay in an older segment with Shania Twain, Reba, Tanya Tucker and maybe a little Loretta and Patsy.


Which artists have had the biggest influence on Heather Whitney?

Ya know. Johnny Lee really had a special influence on my music. Knowing him personally and being able to ask him questions and what not really helped me and he was always so encouraging and knowledgeable. He definitely had a big influence. The others being Miranda Lambert and Loretta Lynn. I really love the both of them. I love their sound what they represent! How they carry themselves and their brand. I hope to be like them in my own way one day. Both phenomenal women and last but not least Cherish Lee. We have so much in common right now trying to get our names out there and deliver music people can feel in their soul! She has been like a mentor to me and taught me so much. She makes everything that much more exciting and awesome. She’s my go-to girl. Love her to death.


Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

A lot of my inspiration came from a horrible relationship with the father of my kids. He put me through hell but I’m stronger wiser and better for it. The things I went through and witnessed were not always so pretty. But I refused to let it beat me and I wrote songs and turned every negative thing into a positive. Sure there were times I didn’t feel that way but every dog has its day and I had several but I never forgot who I was and when I did I asked for forgiveness and got back on track. You got to.


Tell us about your songwriting process?

Songwriting came before singing did. The process? I’d have to say I never had one

When a song would come to me or a phrase or an idea I’d write it down. Some songs took minutes to write others took months. I never pressured myself and I don’t have a set time to do it. I really don’t like to force it. I did that once and I ended up regretting it. So I just write. There are no tricks or techniques.


How do you hope to connect with your fans through your songs?

I hope that I can give them hope or spunk on a bad day. Make them feel like they can do it. That’s really all. We all have heartbreak, trials and all that testing stuff but I wanted to give someone a smile and an uplift. Maybe a “hey you know life is shitty sometimes but we’re gonna jam out while we’re hurting! We’re found to feel strong and worthy. That’s all I want.


What big plans are coming for Heather Whitney?

I have a few shows coming up and a couple new singles for y’all in the future. I can’t wait to get them out there. Also, have a gig that I’ll have to keep quiet for now but it has endless opportunity and I’m super excited about it.


Keep up with Heather Whitney on her WEBSITE.


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