It does not necessarily take a classically trained musician that had a master music educator to teach them to create great music.  There are many self taught artists out there that use their own imagination to create truly original music.  One that we have come across is Herman Martinez.

Herman Martinez

The self taught singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist originally hails from New Jersey but is now settled down south in Georgia.  Over 16 years of writing and performing Herman Martinez has not limited himself to any genre created boxes that force him to stay in the musical lines.  The freedom that he has with his sound creates a surreal dreamlike rock music with touches of everything from heavy metal to super experimental meta rock.  

After a digital release a few months ago a full physical release is expected in early 2016 for his album Solopsi Radio.  The 11 track record is a journey into a different world created solely by Herman Martinez to awake the “stuck in a rut” music minds out there.  Straight from the opener “Phonic Chronicles” you know that this is not your daddy’s rock n’ roll.  The easy going and mellow start to “Spoonbender” showcases Herman’s emotional vocal delivery as more and more sounds are added to the ever expanding mix.  I even caught an Eddie Vedder vibe at one point.

On “Dogon With The Wind” the experimentation continues with a guitar driven rock groove as the basis for what morphs into a full sonic experience.  This an album to listen to fully.  Even at the closer “Her Eyes An Event” and it’s almost eerie slower vibe only to be broken up by more power fueled guitar and noises coming from every angle you know that your mind will never quite be the same.  This is the goal of Herman Martinez in his attempt to change rock and roll forever.

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