It is always good to hear about bands that we have covered on the pages of Indie Band Guru continuing to stay the course and putting out more new music for their growing fanbase.  The Perren Street Parade has returned and seems to be still going strong.

Perren Street

After reuniting after a 25 year “breakup” and putting out their debut record at the end of 2014 the joy of making music has stuck with them.  The perils of those early days in the late 1980’s are a thing of the past and now the mature songwriters have found their place in the modern music scene.  The Perren Street Parade sound combines the classic psychedelic rock feel of the past with the elegant sounds of the now mature group.

The duo from the United Kingdom has enlisted the help of Efrat Darky from Israel for a new record titled The Looking Glass.  The 10 track record aims to tell story of how life in the suburbs of Britain can be cruel sometimes.  The opener “Empty” sets the eerie dream pop tone right from the start with a full atmosphere of sound accompanying the harmonizing vocals.  The Perren Street Parade really knows how to create a feeling with songs like “Picking Up The Pieces” bringing in a summer vibe and the wild folksy sound of “Like Getting Blood From A Stone”.  

The sultry sounds of “The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter” bring the record to an even higher level.  The horns help fill the soundscape with a truly pretty sound that will put your mind in a better place.  The title track “The Looking Glass” uses horns again along with a catchy guitar melody scattered among a bevy of other instruments making for a complete experience in sound.  The epic 6 minute track is the perfect closer.

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