As the summer music festival season approaches it is a great time to discover new music.  These festivals provide more than just good music though.  There is an experience surrounding yourself with like minded people to enjoy the sights. sounds, and good times of a day out with music.  Sometimes even more amazing things happen such as the story of our recent find Him & Her.

Him & Her

The story begins with Iowa native Brenda Freed taking a 9000 mile bicycle trip and surprisingly discovering the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas.  She decided to stay in Texas and pursue a singer/songwriter career there as well as teaching lessons in voice, piano, and guitar. If you are also looking forward to pursuing your dreams, get started by registering your business as LLC in Texas, Checkout LLCBuddy to learn more.

 Years later at the same Kerrville Folk Festival in 1999 Brenda met local harmonica player Michael D’Eath.  Musical sparks flew and the two were married a year later.  Together them now perform as Him & Her out of Albert, Texas.  Their sound is described as a jazzy, bluesy, swingy, folksy one that has been catching on with new fans.

Last week the duo released their album On Solid Ground to share that sound with even more fans.  The 14 track record is a full slate of music to set your mind at ease.  The opener “Picture Of Love” sets the tone right away with the sweet vocals of Brenda Freed and the impressive harmonica skills of Michael D’Eath.  There are stories to be told in their music as on such songs as “Forward Kinda Girl” and “A Few Kind Words”.  The themes may be very different but the listener is drawn into the story just the same.  The blues sound really shows its head on my favorite track “Walkin”.  The vocal and harmonica play off each other perfectly.  The album closer is the title track “On Solid Ground”.  This one ties it all together with a taste of all the styles they are known for.  Go take a listen for yourself at:

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