Often the best way to to come up with a unique sound is to borrow your personal favorite pieces from multiple genres and blend them together to create something unique.  With the multitude of subgenres and styles there is always an infinite number of new things and sounds to create.  Our recent find Carrier 21 brings a lot to the table into one organic sound.

Carrier 21

The band is based in Antwerp, Belgium which adds another level to their original and worldly style.  It is a fusion of such genres as electro-pop, indie rock, and lounge with occasional touches of contemporary and even classical music.  Carrier 21 is made up of Stefanie Schaekers, lead vocals, Pieter Truyens, guitars and Luc Dooms, keys and electronics.  Together their diverse background creates a full sound that is relatable to any lover of new music.

With the recent release of their album In The Clouds Carrier 21 is ready to share their sound with the world.  The opener “Last Thing For Summer” sets the tone with an atmospheric sound that morphs into a full on guitar and drum beat assault for the dancefloor.  There is epic music coming your way.  “Breakfast Time” even has a piece of glitch electro running through its dark and ominous veins.  The eerie feel and sultry vocals will send chills down your spine.  What seems like a love song “True Love” blurs the lines of what that really means.  This is a thoughtful man’s song.  The soothing atmosphere returns again on “Right After Midnight” with sounds occupying the full sonic space to lift your mind to a higher place.  This is a nice comedown for the end of the album.  A few remixes round out the record letting you get a different take on a couple of the best songs.

This is definitely a bandwagon you should jump on now at: http://www.carrier21.com/ and don’t forget to tell everyone you heard them on Indie Band Guru first.

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