One of the hardest things in music is finding an original sound while still remaining relevant to the discerning music fan.  This usually results in many starts and stops but if a band can stay together and keep pushing a breakthrough is only a matter of time.  Our latest find Ho Jo Fro may be on the verge that they have been searching for.

Ho Jo Fro

The Virginia based band has been writing and playing music for over 15 years.  Ho Jo Fro’s first album Merchandise #5 was released back in 1998.  It did take 14 years for them to release another album in 2012 but their output has picked up since then.  The Ho Jo Fro goal is to create a distinct sound in their music that tells the listener immediately that yes, this is a Ho Jo Fro song, even if they never heard it before.  The awkward sound has been compared to such esoteric artist as Elvis Costello, The B-52s, and David Bowie.

The band is now about to release the album Hello Dwight to the world.  The songs have been around for a while but Ho Jo Fro first released them to friends and family for feedback.  We were lucky enough to get a listen to some of these songs.  The playful toy piano sound of “Refusing To Surrender” partnered with the bard storytelling vocal style makes for quite an interesting listen with the listener focusing on the lyrics to see where the story goes.  On “You Were The One” the story continues with a bouncy back and forth vocal mixed with a wall of sound that captures much of the sonic space with innovative style.  The planned lead single “Betsy & Me” is a fun track reminiscent of Elvis Costello or even Buster Pointdexter.  The playful tone makes for a chorus that will stick in the head of any listener.  Go get a taste for yourself at:

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  1. Keith, thank you for the review of Ho Jo Fro’s songs. Just now, years later, I found the review and I am impressed. I would love for you to listen to Ho Jo Fro’s new release “Hope Springs Eternal” and share your thoughts. I am also playing and releasing music under The Sixies with co-workers. Thanks again for noticing my songwriting.