There is something that will always grab me about raw rock and roll.  The griminess of it seeps deep into my musical soul and grabs me.  Even better is when I discover a band early that still has the raw power and not any fancy studio recordings yet.  I found what I needed in HoneyTrash.

Honey Trash

The Boulder, Colorado based band creates a sound that is deliberate and drawn out without flashy instrument solos or high pitch vocal squeals.  HoneyTrash consists of Ric Miller on guitar, Scott Hill on bass, and Sierra Ramirez at the vocals.  Bill Small fills in on drums for recording.  The grittiness that these guys spread has a feel of the rock n roll blues of the classic 70’s bands that created it.  Pure raw power is the easiest way to describe it.

Yesterday HoneyTrash self-released their debut record Suit & Tie.  The 4 song EP sets the tone for what this band is made of.  The opening title track “Suit & Tie” is a minamalistic  blues rock track with a simple groove that keeps the listener humming along.  On “Hooray” the band uses some nice guitar effects to add to the raw power of the song.  Grittiness at is peak.  The closer “Hey You” continues this pace of slow vocal drawl pulled along by a grimey beat set up to bop your head to.

Go get a listen to HoneyTrash at:

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