The compilation mixed tape is a great way to get your music out there.  Teaming up with other hard working artists creates an attitude of working together to achieve a greater goal for all involved.  Some rappers have been known to be selfish but luckily we found some guys willing to help eachother in The Lifestyles of International Millionaires Compilation Vol. 1 mixtape.


The 17 track record is an international pop rap album pulling together artists from the UK, US, and Africa.  The music consists of up and coming E Ladder Entertainment artists and producers and is hosted by Akon lending even more power to the tape.  It is all about unity.  The opener “Nobody” sets the tone that this is no ordinary run of the mill mixtape, there is real energy here.  Some African flavor is added to the mix on tracks like “Paradise” and “Yoruba” by King David The Great.  Born in Lagos, Nigeria and moving to London at a young age, King David has become well known as a singer, writer, actor, and model.  He is definitely one to keep an eye on.  “Warriors” is another interesting track that has elements of music from all over the world thrown into a pot and crafting something unique sounding.  The dance beat is brought to the album by Joey Oduntan on “Addidas”.  The production is excellent and shows there is talent throughout.  Go take a listen for yourself at:

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