Lead guitarists are known to be a bunch that do not particularly like to share a spotlight. The instrument becomes a kind of shrine to their own personal talent and ideas. What would happen if two experienced and extremely talented guitarist got together to record. We get to find out on the latest release by Young/Bally.


The project consists of Dennis Young and Ray Bally. Dennis has been performing for a long while first becoming known with the seminal minimalist funk band Liquid Liquid throughout the 1980’s. Ray Bally has been building his many talents trainign with legendary guitarist Bern Nix and writing numerous film scores. After a few improv performances the duo decided to enter the studio to record something quite different. The idea was to just put two live guitarists in a room with no overdubs or edits and see what developed.

Day & Nite Records has released the first album by the team titled simply Dennis Young and Ray Bally: Volume 1. The 7 track record is an experiment in what is possible when two like minds get together. The opener “Metallic Young” sets the tone right away that this is no ordinary record. The combination of sounds has a rough feeling at first until it works its way into your brain like a knife. The haunting use of reverb and other effects on “Planet Of Vampires” makes for a trance-like listen. Young and Bally continue the use of effects throughout songs such as “SQ” and “Church Bells”. The closer “Endless You” leaves room for a full on rock song to start out but they leave the listener waiting and wanting more. Hopefully this pairing continues their work together and we get to hear it. Go preview the album for yourself HERE



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