Any time a band is forced to break up there is a sadness and heartbreak that can bring you down.  The strong with a real passion for music will not dive into a hole of depression but instead get right back on the horse and find more like minds to continue their musical quest.  That is the story of our latest find Queen City Heist.

Queen City Heist

After the breakup of the family band Blue Sky Alert there was no time for Skye and Jason Mangrum to to wallow in sorrow.  The two found similar souls in Alex Mullins to play drums and James Kotel for bass to reform as Queen City Heist.  The band has developed a unique sound that has elements of rock, soul, blues, funk, and even a little reggae thrown in.  After only 4 months of writing and composing together the band is scooped up by producer Brandon Ashworth and whisked away to record at Grammy Award winning Parhelion Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Indie Band Guru had the chance to listen to some of the music that Queen City Heist has been working on and there is some real potential here.  The funk comes out on “Summer Time Affair” as Skye belts out soulful vocals alongside a rollicking backbeat.  The soulful vocals continue on “King Of The Castle” but this time the band shows their diversity with a truly bluesy feel that has the feel of being deep in the South.  The track “Runaway” is a little raw but the emotional guitars show a level of musicianship that can not be taught.  This is a band that is willing to put in the hard work to make a statement in the big music industry.  Keep an eye on Queen City Heist at:

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