It is not extremely common but sometimes a band gets together and quickly rises to the top of their genre.  This takes an extreme amount of hard work and dedication as well as some luck finding the right mix of bandmembers that all have the same ideals and goals.  We recently discovered Whiskey N’ Rye who seems to be on the fast track to stardom.

Whisky N' Rye

The Seattle based roots-rock band formed only last year but has already risen to the top of the Reverb Nation charts for the genre.  Whiskey N’ Rye is made up of truly talented musicians including three graduates from Berklee College Of Music.  The band shows the drive that will take them wherever they want to go.  They are now touring heavily behind their new record with gaining new fans along the way.

The band recently released the self-titled album Whiskey N’ Rye.  The 10 track record provides a contemporary sound with elements from all over the map including blues, rock, americana, and soundtrack genres.  The opener “Bootlegger” is a large anthemic song that sets the tone for the rest of the album.  There are country touches as well here to welcome all lovers of music to the party.  “Make Love” is more of a straight ahead alt-rock track while “The Open Road” harks back to the folk rock of the late 80’s.  The album takes an interesting turn with “Rebel Man Pt 1” which is a beautiful piece of music that would fit well in the soundtrack of an emotional indie film.  We come full circle with the closing track “Seattle Drinking Song” with its group chorus and welcoming feel.  Discover the band for yourself at:

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