When artists come together and mix different genres of music to create their own unique sound it always piques my interest.  There is great music in every style but many times the sum of the parts crafts something much bigger and better.  A great example is The Legendary Cloud 9.

The Laurel, Maryland based group has put together a huge melting pot featuring alternative, indie, Rock, pop, funk, jazz, hip-hop, and fusion to make something original yet approachable by lovers of all those genres.  The Legendary Cloud 9 features a new sound as the Gospel/Go Go background of drummer Jonathan “Footz” Livas, the classically trained piano of Jason “Sensei” Zamora, the space rock licks of guitarist Adam Dunbar, and the ancestral influence of bassist and lead guitarist Taylor Gamble, are blended seamlessly to create a musical palette rich and diverse enough for multi-talented recording artist Micheal “Tk” Akinlosotu to paint a masterpiece of sound, blurring traditional genre lines with his warm soulful harmonies and hard hitting raps.

The group has recently released a new project entitled The War EP.  The 5 song record shows how the mixing of somewhat different styles can make for beautiful music.  The opening track “Paradigm” is a huge almost orchestral song with sounds coming out from everywhere to wash over the listener as the vocals stand strong and powerful.  “Flags” is pushed forward by a simple piano line as the song builds to a large crescendo of music.  There is a electronic and drum n bass feel to “Bring It All Down” as the rock comes in to liven up the track and build a reaction in the listener.  The closer “Liv” is a pretty song that allows you to come back down from the energy built up by the EP.  There is no real escape though as The Legendary Cloud 9 will leave you wanting more.  Luckily the band has already produced a video for the song.  Enjoy it below:

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