Hopefully it is understood by now that the rap game is much more than just spitting lyrics.  There is a real business behind the artist and his music that has to be cultivated for success.  Unfortunately many young artists do not see the grand picture and just expect instant fame without the hard work.  The rapper we discovered today does not fit into this category as he considers the business side as important as his music.  Let us introduce you to Hypnautic.


Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the man born as Brian David Gordeaux is on the path to stardom.  He gained the stage name Hypnautic for his ability to command attention and influence people with his words.  Putting out music since 2009 has gained him quite the following including headlining the world’s largest 420 rally with over 60,000 people in attendance.  Leading a life full of low lows and great highs has kept him grounded and real.  Even approachable to any fan that wants into his world.

The latest offering by Hypnautic is the music video for his song ‘City Boy’.  The club banger showcases his impressive use of words to relay a message and tell a relatable story.  This track will get your head bouncing before you know what happened.  Enjoy it here:

The video has over 60,000 views after being live for a little over a month.  Get on the bandwagon now at: http://hypnauticlife.com/

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