We love when bands that we have covered and loved before keep us up to date with their careers, especially when they continue to put out fantastic music.  Last October we discovered the Toronto alt-rock outfit Morning Fame.  Well they are at it again and sent us their latest single ‘Cast Away’

The song continues the band’s progression in writing high energy rock songs with pop sensibilities.  Each band member shows off their particular skill and blend together to craft a near perfect alternative rock track.  ‘Cast Away’ begins with a drum and bass melody that would excite any potential listener.  When Vik’s vocals come in his relatable voice makes you feel welcome into the Morning Fame world with a chorus you will find yourself humming along to.  At the 2:30 mark Joe Liranzo’s guitar skills on are high display with an impressive solo.  They also put together a high quality video for the song.  Enjoy it here:

The song has been on repeat here at the office of Indie Band Guru.  Morning Fame has been nice enough to offer a free download of the song to everyone.  Go get it at: https://soundcloud.com/morningfametracks/cast-away

To keep up with the latest developments of these rising stars follow them at: http://www.morningfame.com

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