IBG Interview: The Damed

We sat down and chatted with The Damed of Los Angeles, CA.

How would you define your rock and roll? 

Punk rock infused post punk with empowering messages.

What was an impactful concert you got to see that inspires you to keep rockin’ and rollin’ yourself?

Sleater-Kinney on their last tour. I’ve been inspired by these women for over a decade. The way they write interweaving guitar lines and vocal melodies is magical.

Do you dare to compare yourself to other artists?

 I try not to.

Is there a positive way to keep competitive? 

Collaborating and playing with other artists that are on the same skill level or better just pushes me to stay motivated and keep excelling. 

Learning more about yourself comes with the territory of creating music. Has there been something that you had to face and wanted to change? 

Recording our upcoming EP at home because of the pandemic. In the past I’ve only recorded demos. I was forced to become more savvy with my recording software in order to move forward with this release.

What do you think is the most special part of yourself that you never want to change?

 I’m authentic and never cater to something I don’t believe in. 

Demanding more of yourself is a given when in a deep dive of your art. But what do you do for your mental health to keep yourself engaged with more than just your art?

Playing music with people and singing loud controversial lyrics is very therapeutic. I also exercise, meditate and submerge into nature to reset and keep balanced.

Give us important dates, events and all the goodness you have coming up with your music! 

Our first single “Lost Days” off our upcoming EP will be released March 18 with a music video release to follow on April 1.

What’s your NEXT chart topper?

 “Lost Days”

Change the world with one word.


Thank you for your time! Rock on! 

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