2017 saw Idlewar unleash the album Rite onto the world. It received nothing but praise for their no-nonsense style of rock that takes no prisoners. So when they announced that they were working on a follow-up, the expectation was high. James Blake (vocals, bass), Peter Pagonis (drums) and Rick Graham (guitar) have returned with their new release Fracture. Could it live up to the reputation of its predecessor?


To get their fans and new listeners prepared for this new album, they released the single “Escape”.  It is another ferocious track which continues where Rite left off. They have a formula that works for them, so why change it?


As their single proved, the trio have no plans to tame the beast within their sound. Fractured is yet another monstrous collection of songs soaked in their style of heavy blues rock.


It is the chemistry of these guys which is why their music never fails to deliver. Pagonis is relentless and thunderous on the drums. Grahams skills on the guitar never disappoint, throwing in some stunning solos for good measure. Then Blakes bass consistently produces an infectious bluesy rhythm.



Idlewar’s new album is yet another one that does not fail to deliver


What helps to make Idlewar stand out even more is the vocal skills from Blake. He has an impressive range which he uses to deliver some powerful moments. “Demented” highlights this talent which has an impressive rock attitude with a blues undertone.


Finding a favourite is hard with the quality on show. “Drama” is a track with continues to stand out with each playthrough. It is a little slower compared to the rest of the songs from the album. The controlled performance from the band has a bluesy swagger to it. But, it leaves Blake to give his best vocal display. He switches the power levels with ease but never fails to deliver. Towards the end, the trio switches bring back that trademark Idlewar sound.


Fractured is yet another all killer no filler album. It walks side by side with their previous release and showcases the continuous quality of music that these guys produce.

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