You should know by now that we are not used to promoting any music services.  We just want to hear as much music as possible and determine if we like it for ourselves, instead of it being shoved down our throats.  Sometimes something comes along that we find so useful that we feel forced to pass it on to you.

Let me introduce you to MOG.  MOG is a company conceived and run by true music fans who share one simple goal: to create the perfect destination for music lovers to learn about and discover music. They recently won top honors as the “Best Music Streaming App” at Billboards Mobile Entertainment Live Music Summit beating out some other ‘music streamers’ with more well known names.

Due to this, I gave it a try recently and was blown away.  I had a lot of trouble trying to find a legitimate band that wasn’t available on their servers.  They have everything!  If a band’s music is digitally distributed, it is most likely available on MOG.  They take the best aspects from all the other services out there and combine a music streamer, a download service, and music discovery in one easy to use application.  MOG is commercial free, allows unlimited skipping, and allows the user to pick and scroll through songs to their hearts content.  Another feature that really interested me was how you can choose an artist and then adjust a slider to add in how many additional similar artists you would like in your mix.  It is also extremely easy to use and download music to your smart-phone through their app.

They are offering a 2 week free trial now that I strongly advise you take advantage of.  If you love music as much as we do, I am sure you will fall in love with their service too.  Check it out and let me know what you think, or if you know of any service that comes close to comparing.

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