Image Comics Releases Geiger #1


A Compelling Start to an Intriguing New Series

Although most kids these days are first introduced to comic book heroes like Batman and Spiderman through blockbuster movies, comic books themselves still have a commendable following. One new series, created by Geoff Johns, is called Geiger, and it follows the story of a man trying to survive and save his family in a post-apocalyptic, nuclear wasteland.

The first issue was released in April 2021, and the final book of the series is set to be released in just a couple of months.

Learn more about Geiger below.

Tariq Geiger Introduced

This series starts out with a respectable man named Tariq Geiger who lives in Nevada as political tension rages on around the world. Tariq shows bravery in the first few frames of the series by scrambling to get his family into a fallout shelter just before nuclear bombs were dropped and he was caught in the blast.

Somehow, Tariq survives and has the ability to survive in the nuclear fallout without a suit. He becomes notorious to the area, and people whisper about a mysterious glowing person known as Joe Glow and The Meltdown Man, but nobody knows much about him.

Society in Chaos

Twenty years after the bombs fell, survivors emerge and form a new society. Everyone must wear radioactive suits and scavenge all through the land just to survive in this post-apocalyptic nightmare.

As if that’s not bad enough, this new society is under an oppressive regime headed by a king that rules the greater Las Vegas area. The king grew up hearing stories about the glowing man, and he decides to set out and kill him to gain his father’s approval and seek revenge after some of his men disappear.

Unique Artwork

The series is set in the desert of Nevada, which provides an absolutely stunning landscape for the story to take place in. Many frames show large areas of sand and stars, and the desert is a fantastic choice to show the desperation that these characters feel in their struggle to survive.

Larger Themes Presented

The first book is an impressive debut of a series because it deals with parenthood, loss, bigotry, and so much more. One striking moment comes when Tariq, a person of color, runs into his neighbors that speculate the bombs are falling because of “his people”.

It’s a sickening accusation that is bound to be relatable to so many comic book fans, and reliability and realness are always welcome in the world of comic books.

This first book provides heartbreak, tragedy, suspense, action, and incredible dialogue, and it sets up the rest of the story to flow with momentum and building tension.

The Rest of the Series

You can find all of that in just the first book of the series, and there is still more story to come! The first three comic books have already been released, and the final two are set to unlock in early July and August. It’s not too late to catch up on this fresh and fascinating series.

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