Gary Lee Southwell takes us to ‘Another World’ with his latest single

Gary Lee Southwell

Gary Lee Southwell is having a busy year. So far, he has released the singles “Waiting For The Dust To Settle Down”, “Hiding Place”, and “Coming Home”. It is clear to hear his influences, including Tom Petty and The Beatles, when listening to these tracks. Especially with “Coming Home”, with its infectious pop undertone and Americana style vocals. Not only that, but its chorus is an earworm that has you singing along even when it is over. 

Now, to the present, Southwell is back with his latest offering, “Another World.” He describes it as a love song. He says he finds it difficult to explain but feels it is also open to interpretation. It begins with a short guitar intro before he softens the mood. He does so with the addition of keys and string. Soon, he begins his story with the lines, “You don’t need to be alone / You don’t need to be alone tonight / Let me be the one that holds you / Let me be the one you run to.”

As it progresses, the use of the keys and strings enhances the emotion within his words. They blend to create a captivating atmosphere. If that wasn’t enough, when the drums become more prominent, it helps to give the song an extra emotional punch. One of these moments is a buildup of the mood after the lines “And I know that you can’t see my love / Let me show you it’s for real.”

Southwell uses his vocals to reflect the mood. From beginning to end, his voice sounds effortless. It also adds a genuine tone to his lyrics. You have to appreciate how he connects with his words, especially during the chorus. There is something special about how he shares the lines, “I’m on another world with you / I love everything you do.” All of these qualities come together to create another impressive release.

With each release, Gary Lee Southwell continues to impress with the depth of his songwriting

With “Another World” recently released, there is still much more to come by Gary Lee Southwell. He plans to set more songs free each month for the rest of the year. After that, he has plans to work towards an EP or album. Not only that, but he has plans to tour and is working on assembling a band to hit the road together. It is just the beginning of something special for this talented musician. 

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