The Love Letter is Not So ‘Hard Headed’

The Love Letter

There will always be a power in a singer songwriter. The ability to create something all on your own without needing to please anyone else. This freedom creates great music. But what if you link together 3 individual songwriters to work together. In the case of our recent find The Love Letter, the result is something even bigger than the sum of its parts.

The Los Angeles based trio of female singer-songwriters includes Hannah, Liz and Brittany. Each of them is a quality musician in their own right but fate has brought them together to be more. They met several years ago working day jobs together but their paths went separate ways. Fate stepped in though and brought them back together 6 months ago and music started to flow. The Love Letter was born. As they describe it ‘ three tortured souls living in Los Angeles and making music together.’

On June 18th The Love Letter released their second single “Hard Headed.” A song about breaking free from the expectations of society and taking back your own life. A  mellow guitar melody leads the way setting the tone. The vocals are elegantly delivered as well as they paint a somewhat dark picture of a toxic relationship. A simple drumbeat comes in and out to provide more energy. As the harmonized vocals come in the track is taken to a higher level. The story of the song is relatable to many. Listeners are welcomed to become part of the group singing. We are all in this together.

The Love Letter is definitely a group to keep an eye on as they develop their own version of singer-songwriter-indie rock. Follow them on TWITTER and hear more on SOUNDCLOUD.

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