Indecent Proposal is “Late In The Morning”

Indecent Proposal has been making a name for themselves by playing gigs. Through cutting their teeth performing covers of a variety of other rock acts, they have developed a strong range and refined their own sound. Their originals are where they really shine as a band, and they have shown that they have the talent and draw to back up their music.

Their new single “Late In The Morning,” is bringing in a broader audience than ever. The track’s sound has something for everyone. The band channels the sound from their various influences to make a track that sounds modern, while remaining rooted in rock tradition.

The drum beat holds the song down as waves of washed-out guitar roll over the listener. Indecent Proposal establishes a decidedly alt-rock vibe. The chorus arrives, taking on a grungy edge, with vocals reminiscent of rock greats of a different era. The instrumentals travel through a winding bridge section, taking us back through the song, all while bringing in some action with a solo.

“Late In The Morning” is a great single to define what Indecent Proposal is about. If you enjoyed the track, check out their previous single “Feeling Good.” The band is ambitious and has a great sound, keep up with them to see what they have in store for the future.

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