How Indie Music Can Help You Study and Focus


No matter who you are, there are songs out there that simply resonate with you. Indie music is unique in the way that it offers a range of genres for you to choose from when picking what to listen to. Likewise, choosing the right indie music can significantly impact how you study or work. 

According to BBC, there is a plethora of evidence for that, including the Mozart Effect, as well as that music can help calm people down. We’ve all listened to piano and strings music at some point during college or long working hours, and it helped pass time much more quickly. So how can indie music improve your focus and help you study efficiently?

Background Music can Benefit your Mood and Memorization

Sometimes what we study may not be the most interesting thing in the world. Regardless of what you learn in college, there is a chance that you have courses that you don’t care about but need to pass. 

Indie music can act as great background noise for you to relax, and it can significantly improve your memorization as a result. You will slowly associate different parts of your books and papers with notes, songs, and performers as you study. It can help connect the dots in your brain and make the process of learning that much smoother.

Different Playlists for Different Courses and Subjects

A great way to develop the habit of listening to indie music while studying is to create different playlists for each subject. You can listen to instrumental music one day and switch to indie rock the next day to keep things fresh and engaging. 

You can visit review and then use it as a writing tool to keep tabs on which indie music you like to listen to. Likewise, a writing tool will help you write better papers for college and format your notes for more efficient studying.

Listening to Indie Music can Relieve Stress

Unfortunately, stress is a major factor to consider during college studies. Many students struggle with stress, anxiety, and the overwhelming amount of work in front of them. Learning how music helps students to deal with stress can work in your favor. You can use indie music to manage your own emotions better. 

Once you discover bands and songs which resonate with you, you will enjoy studying more than ever before. The best thing about listening to indie music while learning is that you can do it wherever you study with a good pair of headphones. As a result, spending time in the library or outdoors on campus will become much less stressful and enjoyable.

Minimize your Boredom During Long Study Sessions

Spending endless hours preparing for a difficult exam can become taxing on your nerves. Putting on a playlist of your favorite indie music or a band you’ve just discovered can rejuvenate your brain cells and refocus your attention. 

You should take breaks, stretch or even do a small dance routine to indie music to get the blood flowing before diving into your notes. You can rely on LetsGradeIt as a platform to ensure that what you’re writing down and reading about is properly proofread, formatted, and plagiarism-free. Combined with good indie music, long study sessions will become not only bearable but engaging over time.


As with anything in life, finding the right type of indie music which will resonate with you will take some exploring on your part. Don’t shy away from new artists on the indie scene, especially those that rely on instrumental music as it can serve as great study background. You never know when you might discover brand-new tunes, which speak to you on a personal level and help you focus more easily.

Writer Bio: Elizabeth Baldridge is a content writing specialist, copywriter, and editor with a keen interest in writing engaging articles, papers, and case studies for her readers. She spent years honing her writing skills and can produce quality writing in both blog and academic form. Elizabeth is also a life coach and a mom to two cats in her off-time.

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