AV Super Sunshine Play You “A Wedding Song”

If you were to take a look at everything he’s done without really knowing much about the man or the artistry he’s made his own over the years, you might be inclined to think that AV Super Sunshine would be running out of fresh ideas by now. He’s covered a lot of ground in such a short amount of time all things considered, and in his new single “A Wedding Song,” he continues to reveal more of himself and his story to the audience the only way he knows how; through the majestic power of his melodic wit and poetic wisdom. 

The fuzzy harmonies of singles now in the past is replaced with an acoustic sensibility much brighter than anything I was planning on hearing in “A Wedding Song” right out of the gate, and as we press further it would seem as though AV makes it more and more of a priority to push his voice to the center of the mix – thereby making the instrumentation around him sound even more symphonic than rock-inspired. The melodies roll around us behind the beat, never quite giving us the dam-breaking catharsis we know they’re capable of producing intentionally. 

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All of the tension the aforementioned structure creates by the midway point of “A Wedding Song” is awfully intense and pressurized by this master mix, but AV Super Sunshine doesn’t let it go to waste. There’s no getting around the guitar component of the hook, and it’s through the strumming of the strings that we find an anti-tense oasis just waiting for us to embrace its cool harmony. This has the feel of a Beatles song simply reworked to meet the needs of a punky experimentalist, but in a way that is entirely indebted to the originality of its designer alone. 

Demonstrating creative versatility is the name of the game if you’re someone like AV Super Sunshine, and I’m reminded of that whenever I press the play button on “A Wedding Song.” The music video for this single and the material that inspired it are gold for his discography, and though they’re introducing us to nothing particularly out of this world in terms of his artistic whims, that wasn’t the point here at all. AV is a man who never shows us the same look twice, and even when he’s being true to his most recognizable compositional models, he’s still sounding a little different than anyone else you’ve heard lately. 

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