AV Super Sunshine Bring Us “Together”

Approaching the harmony with a rhythm far more relaxed than I would typically expect from his work, AV Super Sunshine comes in slow and steady in the new single “Together,” as if to present us with a delicate romance in the most literal terms a musician can. There’s such an intimate feel to the structure of this song that it occasionally feels more balladic than it actually is, and at the end of the day, something tells me that AV fans are going to be especially fond of the evolved look this track and its companion video offer. 

The groove isn’t the only spot where AV Super Sunshine is going easy on us in “Together;” when it comes to his management of the microphone, he’s careful to give us more delicacy than decadence. He’s almost a little reserved in the way he strings the verses together in this piece, and yet I don’t doubt the authenticity of his sentiments for even a second. His heart is on the line here, and he isn’t scared to leave it completely exposed to anyone who has the time to listen to what he has to say in this single. 

Watch the video for “Together” below

In his last few performances, I’ve gotten the feeling that AV has wanted to be more vulnerable with the listeners than he had been at the start of his career, but this isn’t translating as an overstatement of emotionality. On the contrary, this is probably the realest we’ve ever heard this man behind the mic, and he isn’t shy about showing us just how willing he is to go out on a limb with the audience and put a little piece of his soul on the table for us to devour. “Together” has the feel of a game-changer, or at least a culmination of new ideas he’s been experimenting with for a minute. 

This track sees passion fostered through the swing of the percussion as much as it would be the strum of the strings, and moreover, the sly relationship AV has with the bassline in the backdrop here. He’s essentially using detail to amplify what he’s already got on his mind without having to bring overindulgence into the fold, which is another slight departure from his open acceptance of excess when it benefited a specific narrative. I like this new chapter of his story, especially if it’s going to continuously produce singles like “Together.” 

I’ve been a fan of AV Super Sunshine’s for a few years now, but I think that the development he’s been experiencing just in the last two years has been far bigger than the hype he’s received for his numerous well-charting singles. This is a player who isn’t afraid of his growth, nor the potential it can yield for future projects both on his own and in collaboration with artists of a similar caliber, and if he’s able to keep the pace he’s at right now through the rest of the ‘20s, his legacy will be impossible for even the most skeptical of critics to deny. 

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