New AV Super Sunshine Is “Super Cool”

Professional level Cosmic bands of fuzzy melodicism and a smoky lead vocal aren’t the only alluring features you’re going to find in the new single “Super Cool” from well-known indie superstar AV Super Sunshine, but instead the two primary points of focus a number of zany features will bounce between. Though not synthesized per-say, there’s something quite unreal about the harmonies in this track, and when coupled with the strange imagery found in the song’s music video, we’re left with what amounts to being one of the most outlandishly alternative releases you’re going to come across anytime soon in 2021. 

The cosmetics of the music video, starting with the mannequins and extending to the rather creepy, desolate surroundings we find them in, are admittedly as out-there as can be, but they produce an interesting juxtaposition with the otherwise conventional hook in the song for sure.

Watch the video for “Super Cool” below

There’s deliberate contrast in this piece that tells me AV is trying to get as bold a reaction out of the audience as he can without getting downright overindulgent in his experimentation, and in my book he really couldn’t have done a better job. It takes experience to artfully craft something as beautifully abstract as this piece can be, and depending on how you interpret the narrative, “Super Cool” is in some ways the ultimate AV Super Sunshine identity track for this very reason. 

It’s 2021, and if you thought that AV wasn’t going to be one of the most talented weirdos still in the business of making rock n’ roll, you’d better think again and brace yourself for the magic of “Super Cool” this spring. Whether a newcomer to the sound or a longtime disciple, I can guarantee you’re going to feel something strong about this piece – and, moreover, the brilliant man breathing life into it. 

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