Silvertung Says “You’re Fine”

Swelling with distorted melodicism to such an extent that it feels like the track is going to burst at the seams long before we ever reach its chorus, “You’re Fine” by Silvertung is openly, uncompromisingly, a visceral treat for the ears. There’s nothing particularly violent about the way the rhythm carries the riffing forth, and yet every passing beat feels like a stab at immortality taken with the sharpest of metallic swords. This is heavy rock n’ roll for the more discriminating listeners among us, and this season it’s coming from one of the only acts I would deem 100% organic. 

“You’re Fine” doesn’t play around with a lot of cosmetics in some feeble attempt at confusing the audience with synthetics over pure virtuosities; it’s all about the brawn of the relationship between its beats and the riffage spurred on by the guitar. Silvertung are a four-piece in the style of classic rock outfits like Led Zeppelin, and they prove once and for all that the format is anything but an outdated one in this performance; after all, were there any additional pieces in this lineup I don’t know if the definition in their surgical attack would be nearly as remarkable as it would be muddied by the carnage. 

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I haven’t heard very much rock music worth the time of younger audiences as well as longtime followers of the genre, but “You’re Fine” from Silvertung is definitely a song that fans need to be paying some attention to at the moment. This group is fearless, unrelenting and clearly setting their sights on surpassing the status quo for bands of their persuasion in 2021, and while I didn’t know anything about their music just a week ago, something tells me this isn’t going to be the last I hear of them at all. 

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