Tough On Fridays Show Even More On ‘Cabin Fever’

Cabin Fever

Here at IndieBandGuru, we tend to keep tabs on artists that make an impact. Music is always at the forefront but a band that is willing to keep evolving and delivering fresh sounds will always have our attention. Our friends from Tough On Fridays are one such band that keeps impressing us. Now they are back with a new single “Cabin Fever” which shows that they just keep developing.

The band originally formed in a small town in Texas over 5 years ago. Through some transitions, the Tough On Fridays lineup has settled on Caleigh on guitar/vocals, Carly on bass/vocals, and Chris on drums. Together they have become a grunge pop powerhouse that recently signed to Golden Robot Records to share their music with more of the world.

Now with the release of “Cabin Fever” Tough On Fridays is showing some true development of their sound. There is an almost experimental sound to the reverb-drenched guitar opening. As Caleigh’s vocals come in it is evident that some real emotion is being shared here. She let us know that the song was influenced by a late night panic attack she had. 

There is a dark vibe that creeps along throughout the track painting a picture of panic and isolation. We can all relate to that. The steady beat and power that come in when the full band joins in provides some semblance of hope. This is top notch songwriting from a band that seems to be growing in their musicality. We will continue to keep an eye on Tough On Fridays and see where they plan to take us next.

Now that the restrictions on music venues are starting to lighten up the band has picked up their touring schedule with a slew of shows around Texas over the next couple of months. Keep up with everything Tough On Fridays HERE.

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