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The entertainment industry has been evolving greatly over the past few years. With all these new opportunities come new challenges. We caught up with branding and marketing leaders from The 1220 Agency to get thier take on what it takes to build your own brand:


The industry has changed so much. How does your company fit in?

The 1220 Agency is focused on keeping up with those changes and planning for the next ones.  We offer a unique approach that many don’t, by working with creatives across many different industries. As a company founder with music industry experience, I’m very grateful to be surrounded by a versatile team of people from fashion, film, art and other related industries. This has allowed all of us to learn from each other’s mistakes while being steps ahead of the competition.


What should an artist do first to start building their brand?

Building your brand will not happen overnight but if you can focus on a few important things and stick by them, the results will come. Quality, authenticity,and loyalty will not only bring in a crowd but keep them around.


When first working with a client, what do you look for?

Commitment, because this is a team effort. You may want to be a star but you must be willing to put in the work. Being talented is great but there are still many people that will outwork you regardless of the skills you possess. In this industry, nothing is given and everything is earned.


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Are there still opportunities available for independent artists to make a living?

There are many opportunities for independent artists available and those opportunities continue to increase. The internet has undoubtedly created more ways for creatives to monetize their talent. However, as many in the industry know, basic things such as lessons or performances have become more accessible and therefore more competitive for any struggling artist. Emerging opportunities such as online production and influencer campaigns have opened many other doors, especially to those that are willing to embrace a slight learning curve.


It seems like technology has had a big impact on the industry. What are your thoughts?

Technology has allowed an artist to reach more people than ever before but it has also put them in a position where they are forced to compete with more people than we ever thought possible. People expect high-quality content, engaging storytelling and a certain level of accessibility or attention. If you don’t deliver that, there is a good chance that they will move on to the next person or brand. As a company, we are always focused on quality rather than quantity with every client, because the market demands much more from any creative then it did 10 years ago.


What does 2019 hold for your company and its future?

2019 will be a success and we’re already excited for it. Our plans include several artists touring nationally and many different content creators working with international brands. As you can imagine, that’s only a little bit of what we have planned. Follow us on Instagram before we let out all of our secrets here! (@the1220agency)


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